Building Digital Marketing Strategies for a Changing Buyer Landscape

We design, create, execute, and measure comprehensive digital marketing programs.

The key to success in your digital transformation is to have a well-articulated digital marketing strategy. B2B buyers (Buyer 2.0) are buying differently than they once did. They do their homework by researching the web, talking to subject matter experts (SMEs) and competitors, listening to industry analysts and going to trade shows and conferences to learn. It is imperative to identify your audience, their persona and buying habits so that you are ready to intersect with their compelling business event – a sale.

How It Works

TFMinsights brings over 25 years of proven technology industry marketing best practices and procedures to help clients with all aspects of conceptualizing, creating and executing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

TFMinsights’ digital marketing strategy services start with building or validating your Digital Marketing Strategy.

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Digital Marketing Strategy Services Key Deliverables:

  • Digital marketing strategy and/or plan development
  • Management, tracking, monitoring, measuring and optimizing a digital marketing plan and campaigns (impressions, clicks, CTR, conversions)
  • Content creation
  • Digital advertising (Banner, PPC)
  • Persona targeting and retargeting, geo-targeting
  • Social media integration
  • SEO

Metrics That Matter

TFMinsights’ digital marketing strategy services will measure all relevant metrics (e.g., impressions, click-throughs, conversions, page visits, duration of visit – to name a few) that matter in today’s digital world. Let TFMinsights help you navigate your digital transformation.

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