Herald Your Company’s Work and Enhance Its Brand and Reputation

Provide meaningful content, viewpoints and data to fit the needs of Analysts and Editors.

Analyst relations and media communications is critical to the success of your marketing and public relations initiatives. Analysts interact with the media, current and potential customers, employees, investors, and financial analysts. They influence media coverage, affect purchasing decisions, drive investor behavior, impact industry status, and define industry trends.

Media relations campaigns deliver benefits unmatched by any other external communications activity, when done right. Gaining coverage in the news media is substantially less costly than advertising your company in the traditional manner, and the piece can easily go viral – for free – as other news outlets pick up the story.

How It Works 

Analyst Relations and Media Communications are key components of a successful integrated marketing strategy. Leading businesses use these marketing activities to influence prospective buyers, strengthen their position in the marketplace, and improve sales results. Our strategic and tactical Analyst Relations and Media Communications Services provide you with a critical element in your marketing efforts.

Analyst & Media Relations Key Deliverables: 

  • Building an analyst relations and media communications plan
  • Thoroughly preparing you for analyst interaction
  • Providing content, preparation and support for periodic industry analyst briefings
  • Preparing press releases for new service and products, earnings and investor information, or to showcase industry awards or partnerships
  • Media outreach (industry, business, and trade publications)
  • Subject matter expert articles and blog placements
  • Prepare and distribute press releases

A Results Driven Approach

TFMinsights has the experience and expertise to help you plan and implement an analyst and media communication strategy correctly. Our services are designed to help our clients improve their brand and market presence, drive qualified leads, and help convert sales as part of an integrated marketing program approach.

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